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Package offer
In case you would like to rent more than one of our retro cars get a package deal.
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95 Euro
Ikarus 260
Barkas B1000 Uaz 452
Trabant 601 Universal Trabant 601 Limousine Wartburg 353 DE LUXE Dacia 1310 TX Beetle 1300
Our cars
All our vehicles are older than 25 years, but they have their MOT tests, normal registration numbers, and they can be used in vehicular traffic. Here you can rent cars for several different kind of opportunitys: wedding, bachelor day, hen party, birthday, randezvous, suprices, or just for a simple weekend. Our vehicles can be rented daily or per hour. With or without guide. At our place you can drive them even without license.
Here are some of our retro vehicles: You can find here more retro vehicles or click "Drive and Rent" link on top of the page.
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